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Industry to the brain-TSES
Power enterprise comprehensive building transparent factory、Efficient factories、Smart factory
Industry to the brain-TSES
Comprehensive control of manufacturing execution · Stable and controllable quality assurance · Continuous improvement of lean management
Data transparency
Production work order、The equipment performance、The quality condition completely transparent
Process control
Display、Control and monitor the production process of complex
Tracing back
Found the problem、To find the cause of the problem and solve
Agile manufacturing
Quick response demand fluctuations,Dynamic resource allocation
Resource management
People、Machine、Material、Method、Ring the global management
Overall coordination
Production smoothly and orderly,Time、Efficiency maximization
Product features
Industry standard:Intelligent manufacturing Standard first
The whole process standardization:
Design parameters of the standard、Standard process parameters、The quality inspection standards、Process standards、Workers work standards
Standard structured:
Standards of relevance、The standard can be extended
Intelligent standard identification:
Material input standard identification、Product output standard identification、Production process standard identification、Inspection standard recognition process
Industrial cloud platform:Intelligent integration Infinitely
Content services:
全行业各种类型设To prepare一站式物联接入,Let equipment links to online cloud is no longer a difficult task
Open industry application of cloud computing and big data processing capabilities,FleetlyApp,Reduce the cost
Operational service:
During the process of security from shelves to operations,Efficient structures, industrial applications,According to the service charge
Transparent factory:Smart data Operational excellence
Easy connection:
Sensors、Production equipment、The gateway, etc
Seamless docking:
Provide dashboard output interface,Apply to all kinds of display screen
Being pushed:
High concurrency ability,To guide employees in real time
Perform manufacturing:Advance prevention,Full control
Schedule control:
The production order、Personnel scheduling、Capacity analysis to conduct a comprehensive monitoring
Process control:
To the equipment、Materials、Workers for dynamic scheduling
Data monitoring:
Dynamic management:
Accurate decisions、Information back、Instruction to adjust
Quality assurance:Real-time monitoring,Stable and controllable
Quality tasks:
Quality standards set、Quality standard issued
Real-time monitoring:
Automatic data collection、The real-time process monitoring、Real-time match standard
Statistical analysis:
CPKAnalysis、X-RAnalysis、The stability analysis
Quality control:
Quality problem processing、Bad product processing、Continuous quality improvement
Lean management:Full participation Continuous improvement
Equipment management:
Equipment parameter management、Equipment maintenance management、Equipment usage analysis
Material management:
MROMaterial management、Raw material management、And instrument maintenance management、Material utilization analysis
Personnel management:
Personnel management study、Monitor operating standards、Staff ability evaluation、Performance analysis
Environmental management:
Energy consumption of visualization、Capacity rate analysis、Environmental safety monitoring
The solution
Auto parts industry
Auto parts enterprises are around oems intensive industry chain as the core。With the increasingly strict vehicle manufacturers to suppliers,And as the new auto parts industry standardsTS16949:2016Version of the launch,Automobile industry production management requirements for products and rise a new step。
The electronics industry
With the deepening of global economic integration,China as a manufacturing powerhouse,In the electronic assembly、SMTThe patch, and other fields has made great breakthrough,With the increasing scale and quantity,The increasingly fierce competition,Labor costs increase,Continuously improve customer requirements,Shortening product life cycle,Quality standard and the influence of policy factors such as environmental protection laws and regulations, etc to increase pressure to enterprise LTD。
Machinery industry
After years of development,China's machinery industry has a unique international comparative advantage。Product category is complete,Processing and manufacturing capacity,And have a strong price advantage。And as to industry4.0As a representative of the rise of a new round of industrial revolution,China's manufacturing industry is facing enormous challenges and opportunities。
Stationery industry
After nearly20Years of rapid growth,Our country has become a global stationery manufacturing base。At the same time of scale,Industry technology level also has a lot of improvement,But with Europe and the United States、Countries such as Japan,In manufacturing technology、Process design、Product research and development, etc, still has certain gap。
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